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I use the #1 Search Engine in the world-- Google tools.

First, we set up a business gmail account. Second Step, we create and properly optimized the business gmail account profile.


Third Step, we set up a Google BlogSpot Blog and Google Blog Profile. We create and optimized the blog profile.


Fourth Step, We optimized the BlogSpot Blog to rank high in Google. If a Blogger Blog is set up properly it will rank page #1 in Google.

The Blog's Initial Keywords: (Your Name And/Or Services)

Gloria Dulan Wilson - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

Gloria Dulan Wilson Blog

Gloria Dulan Wilson Author - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson writer - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria d. wilson writer

Gloria Dulan Wilson Writer - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson new york - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria d. wilson new york

Gloria Dulan Wilson New York Writer

Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog launched on Sept. 17th 2009.

Google: Gloria Dulan Wilson

You will not only see Gloria Dulan Wilson blog listed but her Google Profile at the bottom of the page.

Here is the Gloria Dulan-Wilson Google results link.

The Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog Google Page 1 - #1 Results for the following searched keywords from blog posts entries....

israel houghton in Concert in the Bronx (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

Bloomberg minority hiring (Page #1 - Position Rank #2)

eight is enough scam (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

shirley scott and thornton meachum (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

It is best to set up the blogging campaign several weeks (4 to 6 weeks) in advance of your blog's publishing date.

Gloria Writes! a promotional blog launched on Mon. Nov. 23rd 2009

Initial Targeting Keywords:

Gloria Writes

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

NYC Writing Service

NYC Writing Services

Writer for Hire

Hire Writer

Google Images

Meet Gloria Writes!

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Google Blog Search

Search Engine Search

Quick Update on Gloria Writes!

Gloria Writes Promotional Blog Launched on Monday 11/23/09 - Indexed in Google on Thursday 12/03/09 - in 10 Days. Goal 1st Page Results Listings - #1 - Several Achieved!

The blog will achieve other page #1 and top search results listings over time as more promotional blog posts entries are added to it.


Meet Gloria Writes!

Results 34 - 40 of about 4,810,000 for Meet Gloria Writes!

Gloria Wilson "Gloria Writes!"

Gloria Dulan Wilson "Gloria Writes!"

"Gloria Writes!" NYC Writing Services

"Gloria Writes!" Writer for Hire

YES - this can be YOU, too!

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