Hire It Out - Welcome To My Brooklyn, New York Home Office

Welcome To My Brooklyn, New York Home Office

Happy New Year 2010...

Hello from Brooklyn, New York. Here at Hire It Out Services of New York City, we have a simple mission: to deliver quality back office support services to our clients. We offer our Virtual Assistant and Web 2.0 Services throughout the US, but have a strong affinity to the New York City area clientele.

* Here's My Story - How I Started Online.

* Share Case Studies Results

* And Here's My BlogMaster 2010 System - How I Do It (WIP Video Coming Soon...)

"Just Loc's Blog Case Study" (Free) Secrets For Local Business Online Marketing Success Revealed!

"Cornegy 2009 Special Report" (Private Consultation and Report Fee).

I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation ($50 Value) via phone.

In during my part to help stimulate the economy and help our local entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses and introduce Hire It Out Services I am offering a FREE 30 SECONDS VIDEO TO ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE (VERY LIMITED 2010 TIME SENSITIVE OFFER).


F-R-E-E! Just To Kickstart 2010. Online video marketing will give you brand recognition for your local business and generate more traffic.

Take Just A Moment To View This FREE 30 SEC Video Ad:

NOTE: The FREE 30 SEC Video AD contains a FULL SIZE video frame so you can see exactly what is happening. The above ad has been modified for this blog post.

I'm a business person. First and foremost, I need to make money for my Web 2.0 Consulting and Web Services to keep myself in business. In the beginning of my Web 2.0 consultations I did pro bono work to build both experience and local business connections.

I'll occasionally do work for barter (deposit and a signed barter services exchange contract) you will agree to share your success stories with with me and give me a honest candid testimonial I can put on my blog and three paying referrals, or there are times when I'll do a low cost training, but I need to cover myself, my time, and my expenses.

I expect to be compensated. What I charge for my consulting and Web 2.0 services is a function of how valuable my time is. How valuable my time is a function of how many people I’ve helped, how many people want my help right now, and what the market will bear. In business, your dollar value is important.

I provide my Web 2.0 services upon a pre-arranged scheduled phone consultation along with a signed contract and or invoice agreement, a retainer fee (50% deposit) and a renewalable monthly service commitment (90 days, 180 days or 365 days) admin. and management services agreement for 20 hours per month for the length of your commitment.

You'll be invoice and re-billed every 30 days for the same amount. You can cancel any time after our service commitment contract.


You can cancel anytime after your financial service commitment contract has been met for any reason and never face any type of cancellation penalty. Simple email Hire It Out Services and we'll cancel your account and send a verification email to you.


Time is money. My time is very important to me. I can always make money. However, I can never get back or buy back more time. Because I can't get my time back, there are NO REFUNDS for my services unless specifically expressed.

So if you don't know me well enough yet to determine if ongoing consultations, personal access and or training is worth my stated monthly fees, then our services probably isn't for you.

Three questions you must ask yourself (and answer with brutal honesty) before you call me.

Ask Yourself These 3 Questions First...

Is This Really Right For You?

Are you prepared to make the investment?

If money wasn’t a consideration, what would you do?

I am a business owner. I own a business, and I wear many hats. I have become my own researcher, writer, blogger... everything. It takes time to do the research, formulate the right strategy for you as my client, implement the plans and create the Web 2.0 profiles and platforms. My partner is my photographer. It's not a job. It's a way of life.

OK, that's the whole story. The short story is:

Get Access to Me SIMPLY CALL 347-404-6850 for a
FREE 30 Minute Consultation.

Find out my most recent thoughts, ideas and tutorials and what's on my mind regarding the world of Web 2.0 blog creation, Google Maps, Local Search and local business promotion.

Be sure to get my RSS updates so you never miss a post!

Sign Up NOW!

I am looking forward to share several case studies from scratch and some really valuable discoveries with you soon. Be sure to sign up to the Hire It Out RSS for updates and my list.

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year.

Cheers to you for a successful 2010! And another cheers for your up-coming 2010 online endeavors...

Stay tuned.

Questions? Leave a comment below.

Welcome To My Brooklyn, New York Home Office


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We are flat out giving you a commercial video ad.

That's right, No Charge.

My reason to offer YOU this Free Online Commercial Video AD is to introduce myself

And my HIRE IT OUT SERVICES to Local NYC Area Businesses.

My goal is to help as many Local NYC Businesses get customers and to stimulate the economy.

You Can Have A FREE Online Commercial Video AD Like This One (See Sample Here) That Can Be Submitted For Promotion ON Five Other Sites For F-R-E-E...

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If You Are Interested In Getting Your Own Online Commercial Video For Your Business

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Take the first step call now! You will love it! This video is an example of leveraging your online marketing at it's best.

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Hire It Out: Von Doane + Web 2.0 + Social Media + Consulting

Von Doane + Web 2.0 + Social Media + Consulting

Hi, thank you for visiting Hire It Out Services. Just a quick intro for anyone that is new here. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Von Doane of Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services located in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York.

If you’re looking for me, I’m probably on a telephone consultation or working on one of my client's online Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

I am a Web 2.0 Social Media Consultant in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York.

I’m a Web 2.0 Social Media Consultant and Strategist specializing in Web 2.0 Introduction, Web 2.0 Platforms (InterActive), Blogger Blogs And More.

I love the Internet.

I started online June 21st 2004

* builded a family website by November 2004

* began exploring search engine optimization

* began exploring Web TRAFFIC

* began exploring Internet Marketing

* began exploring Affiliate Marketing

* signed up for a Blogger Blog January 2005

* began to use web-based platforms

* been immersed in social media since 2005

Really liked the concept of Web 2.0

Really liked the possibilities Internet Marketing offerred:


A lifestyle I can control

Time for more personal relationships with my family

A salary that reflects my worth

Getting Started

It’s been 5+ years since I got started online. I wasn’t an overnight success. Like most people, I had to make my way one step at a time. I’ve had my online challenges. However, once I start a goal I am determined and committed to it.

My sheer determination has pan out for me with the end results of me helping to empower other local entrepreneurs, start ups, home-based businesses and small businesses in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York.

The Internet has changed tremendously since I started online in June 2004. I have learned a lot from trail and error. I’m going to cut through a lot of the trail and error and the "learning curve" for you. I’m going to share and do for you what has taken me 5 years to figure out.

I’ve taken the experience, knowledge, all of the my learned expertise and launched my Web 2.0 Consulting, Web 2.0 Services, Web 2.0 Coaching and Training Services January 2009. I’ve got a system that’ll work for any business.

My clients rely on me for my Web 2.0 knowledge, technical expertise and willingness to tell it like it is!



So far I've only spoke
about my story...



for now I want to talk about your story,
and how finding and reading this blog post will change your life forever...

Whether you just starting a business in Brooklyn, New York or trying to grow an existing local business, using proven business and online marketing strategies and tactics will make success come sooner and profitability greater.

The reality is we’re a Web 2.0 start up services just trying to create a better online experience for entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses. It's tough going it alone... I know! You don't have to feel alone anymore.


Leave your credit card in your pocket or purse.

This isn't about being sold something...

your not going to pay me anything today !!!

CALL for a FREE 30 minute one on one consultation via phone.

My online marketing and Web 2.0 expertise will help you grow your business! We include you in the process so that you know the value of the work that we do, and results coming directly from the work we did for YOU.

Get The 2010 New Year Started Right!

Position Your Business For Success In 2010!

Boost Your Business Online Perception!

If You NOT Online - GET Online!

If You Online - Increase Your Visiblity!

Increase Website Or Blog Traffic!

Bottom Line - Grow Your Business In 2010!

The dream is happening for many of my 2009 Bed-Stuy clients...

Here are some Local Google Map examples listings of clients and promotional work that I produced for their campaigns. I have a REAL solution to help local businesses.

Bedford-Suyvesant Local Small Businesses: Bedford Stuyvesant Veterinary Clinic

Bedford-Stuyvesant Start Up Businesses: La Table Exquise French Pastry Lounge, Halsey Street Grill, Sankofa Aban B&B Inn

Bedford-Stuyvesant Entrepreneurs: World Eater Recordings

Bedford-Stuyvesant Home-Based Businesses: Just Loc's Hair Salon

My dream is happening right now. I am Living It!

Let our Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing program support your business growth. Let me help you improve your online visibility.

I want to help you do what you do best using today’s technology and today’s communication Social Media Channels (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.). Anyone can create and set up a MySpace Profile, a Facebook Profile, a YouTube Profile or a Twitter account.

However, it’s learning how to set up the Web 2.0 profiles and platforms properly. Just because you set up a social media profile or a Web 2.0 platform that Google loves doesn’t mean that you will make Google page #1 results. The profile and/or platform MUST be set up correctly - optimized.

Of course, at Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services we can help you to do your Web 2.0 platforms and your online marketing. We offer a hands-on experience to ensure that your needs are met. We can set it up and do it and manage your Social Networks and promotional campaigns FOR YOU... so you can focus on your business.

CALL 347-404-6850 TODAY!

I am a specialist in Web 2.0 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing) and I have over 5+ years of online experience. I'm available for Web 2.0 Social Media Consulting and new Web 2.0 outsouring contracts (Either Remotely or On-Site in NYC).

I am only accepting a limited number of exclusive client contracts for 2010. I hope you are one of my new clients. I guarantee that you will be the only business in your niche to have the benefit of our Web 2.0 marketing strategy working to your advantage.

"Here's what to do..."

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW.

Seen By Appointment Only. NO Walk-Ins.

Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850

Spread the word:

Tell everyone on your friend list, your clients and co-workers. Help us get the world out. Let others know about THE Best Local Web 2.0 + Social Media + Consulting Services. Tell your friends Now.


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Your feedback…

Please take a minute to share your own Hire It Out Web 2.0 Social Media Consulting Services success stories and experiences.

Just post a comment below.