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Just Loc's is a very exciting Case Study Success Story.

I was inspired to share the Just Loc's results with you. Just Loc's came from zero web presence prior to June 2009 and total obscurity, by the way, to page #1 Google results within one week. I am giving you the steps and what I did that is working for Just Loc's and has worked for others. This is priceless online marketing information.

Just Loc's agreed to allow us to share her Web 2.0 success story with you and others.

Just Loc's Long-term In Depth Case Study is Powerful!

I find a case study often times is more helpful and insightful than reading a tutorial or guide.

I offered our Just Loc's client a one-on-one personal and professional 90 minute consultation to kick start Just Loc's online marketing goals to get the company name and salon services out on the world wide web. Just Loc's owner chosed her business gmail account name, selected her blog's template and signature color.


Action Steps...

I created an optimized gmail profile for the owner.

I created an optimized blog profile of the owner. Client has recieved 900 visitors on her blog profile between June - November 2009. Client recieved a total of 1,700 profile visitors between November 2009 And March 2010 And Growing!

View Just Loc's Blog Profile Stats.

Goal: Get New Just Loc's Natural Hair Salon Customers

Objectives: Define Just Loc's Natural Hair Salon Niche Customers

Targeted market is people wanting to start and maintain natural loc hair.

Strategy Execution

I created an optimized Blogger Blog. Having the targeted keyword phrase in the domain name is important. When set up correctly and optimized the Blogger Blog will give you the online performance you want. You can count on it to get indexed quickly and good search engine ranking. A Blogger Blog is great for beginning bloggers and people who are non technical. It's FREE. No cost. No Hosting or Domain Name Fees.

Option for the business owner to continue the management of the blog (in house) in 4 to 6 months from set up and to change the URL over to a dot com (requires domain name and hosting fees) or latter to roll the content over to a WordPress Blog when her blogging skills increase or to continue our services.

Specific Action Steps

Step 1. Keyword Research

A good starting point for your keyword research is the Google Adwords Keywords Tool.

It is essential to understand the importance of finding “targeted keywords” that lead to "targeted traffic" and conversions-- new customers.

Once you have discovered the keywords of your choice - (Initial 10 Keywords Needed), you need to build your blog content (videos or bookmarks) around your pre-selected keywords and include them in your titles, descriptions and tags.

Tags (user generated keywords) are important for getting found on all the Social sites, go to Technorati or to do your research.

Step 2. Competitive Keywords Anaylsis

Step 3. Plan YOUR Blog's Topics

Plan the topics for your blog's content and your landing pages.

Dose your topics answer questions or solve problems for your consumers?

Dose your topics “warm up” your prospects for your sales messages?

Have you done sufficient research to write on your topic?

Are you clear what keywords/keyphrases you are targeting?

Have you got a title that will attract eyeballs-- get attention?

Step 3. Write Blog Post Drafts

Blog started (June 2009)-- strategy publish 2 optimized blog post per month with the option of my client taking over the administration and writing for the blog in 4 to 6 months.

Step 4. Generate Blog Traffic

I have an immediate action plan to get traffic, inquires, leads and sales starting the very first day, and intermediate action traffic plan, and a long-term action plan for sustained traffic to the site.

Just Loc's Blog Traffic Stats

Step 5. Traffic Plan

* Immediate Action Traffic Plan - Optimized Online Ad Campaign (Create Ads - Initial 10 Creatives, Publish Ads, Re-Publish Ads, Tests Ads, Tweak Ads).

After your ad is confirmed, you can use the emailed link given to:

View your ad
Edit your ad
Delete your ad
Repost your ad

* Intermediate Action Traffic Plan - Search Engine Targeted Keyword Traffic.

Submitted new Just Loc's Blog to The Top 'SEO Friendly Directories'.

Hire It Out Manual Directory Submission Service

Hire It Out offers a premium manual directory submission service to those who don't have the time, knowledge or experience to submit their sites to website and/or blog directories and want to get the best out of their submissions.

We know the top 'SEO Friendly Directories' and Top Blog Catalogue Sites and how to ensure that your site will be accepted by submitting correctly, efficiently and accurately to the seo friendly directories available on our list.

All sites are submitted, by hand, one-by-one to each directory. Under no circumstances do we ever use automated submission software

Directory Listing

Directories are a great resource for marketing your site to a variety of users. Traffic may come from the directory itself, or can come in the form of residual traffic from the search engines that crawl and collect data from top directories like examples:

Free Top Web Directories

Kickstart your backlinks (incoming links to your blog)...

The following will list your site link, for free, and leave your link to be spidered as a backlink by search engines.

1. submit site - Jayde -

Update Your Jayde Listing -

Use Jayde's service tool to keep your site information up-to-date.

2. submit site -

3. submit site -

4. submit site -

5. submit site -

6. submit site -

7. submit site - and to other directories

The reason that the a link in can be so important is that directories are respected by search engines and each topic is themed around an individual subject. Having your site linked in to such a themed manner can add weight to a search engine viewing your site as an "expert" in the subject your site is about which can result in higher ratings in the search engines.

Also, research organizations know the value of using human edited directories as a resource because of the accuracy in results. If you have a Web site or Blog, be sure to add your site to directories.

Most quality directories want to maintain a clean directory, each site or blog submitted is verified for compliance of the rules and for approval take time. For an expedited approval, many directories are now charging a modestly fee $5 to $15 some are charging $50 fees or higher. The priced in some directories offers a featured link. A featured link will keep you on the main page of your selected category, and most category pages carry good PR.

1. Title:

Add the correct business title and relevant anchor text like this

Full Business Title: relevant anchor text
Just Loc’s: starting and maintaining locs

2. Description: Tell about your business or service.

Do not include:

Promotional hype
Phone numbers

Any form punctuation or special markings other then a period or comma.
Do not end your description with (and more), (etc), (…) or any form of continuation.
Never repeat the title in the description.

3. Keywords: add relevant keywords about your website. Do not separate with a comma.

4. URL: full and complete URL including the http:// and www.

* Long Term Action Traffic Plan - Optimized Photo Images, Video And New Social Media Channels.

I created a very simple blog that is user friendly, very easy to navigate and read. Monitoring the blog using site meter we notice the visual appeal of the Just Loc's hair styles photos in October 2009 really made a difference in increasing the blog's site traffic. Many of the photo images were indexed by Google and downloaded by site visitors.

The Just Loc's Blog's goal is to generate new qualified salon business leads. 2009 has been extremely busy for Our Just Loc's client. And with the launch of our client's Just Loc's Blog, Just Loc's is growing new business to the salon via the Internet, 2010 is bound to get even more exciting...

Visit Just Loc's Blog:

What actually drives traffic to Just Loc's and leads to the salon door?

The optimized content and pre-selected keywords speaks to the search engines, which direct interested searching - targeted visitors to the Just Loc's Blog.

The Just Loc's Blog provides solid, valuable, helpful content - AND prospective customers see Just Loc's name all over the web. Searchers read about Just Loc's whichever way they turn, they come across the name Just Loc's for starting loc's, grooming loc's, maintaining locs, repairing locs and hair styling locs. Pretty soon it becomes obvious who is the leader, the expert, the authority on this particular topic. Visitors come to the site already pre-sold on Just Loc's.

Since the blog's launch, the inquiry phone calls, scheduled consultation appts. and new customers keep rolling in. It's all in the Just Loc's Blog's PRE-selling! The blog PRE-sells and generates valuable phone leads. The blog's targeted visitors are encouraged to take action and call the listed Just Loc's telephone number. Incentive coupons and online promotionals offers are offered to prospective customers.


Everyone would much rather buy from a real person, and even better, from a friend. That's just human nature. Just Loc's in Brooklyn, New York is your hair locking friend.

The point is...

Pre-selling is the process of building a relationship with visitors, which essentially means treating visitors like human beings instead of sales targets. People visit Just Loc's Blog looking for a loctician in Brooklyn, to start locs, groom locs, grooming tips to improve their loc's and loc hairstyles, so that's what the Just Loc's Blog focuses on providing visitors great information. This builds maximum credibility and TRUST.

Why? Because the Just Loc's Blog has a true desire to serve visitors/customers and is able to create credibility for the owner AND the salon!

The Just Loc's Blog's text or copy is open and honest, in the quest of getting new customers. The Just Loc's Blog's includes testimonials from those who have experience with the salon services, so their testimonials and shared stories become part of the the Just Loc's Story.

The call to action, conversion and final monetization step occurs when people pick up their phone to make an inquiry call for a consultation, a loc or grooming appt. or click on the related affiliated products that happens to be of interest to them on the blog.

The blog was Google indexed in 7 days. It appeared #1 on Google for our pre-selected keywords the day it was indexed. The authority of a Blogger Blog plays a very large part in how well your site is going to rank, do you see trust and authority in a Blogger Blog especially since it is owned by Google?

I believe in doing what works. My Just Loc's client has been receiving "targeted traffic" within 9 days of the blog being published (June 2009) and 5 to 7 new paying customers a month consistently, repeated business and referrals.

Now, the Just Loc's Blog does not get thousands and thousands of daily or weekly hits to the blog. But, it doesn't need to. Because the blog is optimized it can convert a higher percentage of the searchers into customers and to profits.

People who type in the keyword phrase "affordable loctician in Brooklyn" are looking for something very specific. They're looking for a professional loctician that has a low rate. And because they're looking for something or someone very specific they're much more likely to sign up for a coupon discount offer that matches what they're searching for instead of just a generic offer.

Just Loc's client's goal is to get 20 new customers per week or 80 new repeat business customers monthly from the web. By December 2009 Just Loc's started to receive 5 confirmed salon loc hair appointments per week from the web. This is 20 new customers per month. And it is growing.

Blog Content Evaluation. We monitored the traffic reports. Especially, evaluating the blog posts to inquiry calls. The site meter gives a clear plan of what's working,
what's not and what to do - tweak.

Blogging Strategy

In order to increase site traffic you have to be consistent with your blog post entries. The rule of thumb to start is 30 blog posts within 30 days (a blog post daily for 30 days) and 3 blog posts per week thereafter (12 blog post per month). However, our client did not have the blogging or online copywriting skills and did not want to pay an additional service fee for content management.

When we started the blog our strategy was to be sure to have a blog entry at least 1 or 2 times every ten to 14 days equal 2 to 3 blog posts per month-- 2 minimum with photos and video content.

Initially, I set up N.Y. Craigslist and BackPage Accounts. Copywrote creative ads to drive traffic to the Just Loc's blog site.

Just Loc's has several pages of Google #1 ranked result pages for the keyword Just Loc's.

You Can Google the following Keywords for proof:

Brooklyn N Y Hair Locticians (Local Organic Search. Ultra targeted leads use relevant neighborhood related or zip code related terms.)

Brooklyn Dreads (Local Organic Search - Dreadlocks)

Salon for Dreadlocks in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Locs Hair Westchester, N Y (G Maps - letter B)

Loc Hair Grooming Tips (Local Organic Search - Dreadlocks)

Loc Hair Care (Google Map Listing)

I listed Just Loc's in top rated online industry directories. Many online directories work as a lead generation service providing their clients with a profile page that can act as a separate web site in organic rankings. Just Loc's is listed on a number of industry related web sites.

Just Loc's is listed on Google Maps (3 pack listing) and Google Local Search. Just Loc's is also listed in the top online directories (Yahoo, MSN/Bing, AOL etc). Some listing submissions happen immediately, some within hours, some days and other weeks (8 weeks - 2 months).

Guidelines for Your Business Description:

Business description should be at least 100 characters, but less than 200 characters.

DO NOT place cities, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, or any other contact information in the description.

Description should be about the businesses services, not how long the business has been operating or anything about the employees.

No abusive, offensive, or vulgar language can be placed in the descriptions.

All business descriptions are usually subject to review and are not guaranteed to be posted. The site you are submitting your listing to reserves the right to edit or modify any business description at their discretion.

Please see examples of acceptable business descriptions.

I also recommend that you use some of the keywords for your services from your pre-selected researched keyword list. This will help in the optimization process.


The Just Loc's niche is locking ALL types of hair. However, the niche is very narrow because Just Loc's is a natural hair care salon that doesn't do hair braiding, hair extensions, sisterlocks another form of locking and in the beginning of our promoting the salon owner didn't like for me to use the term dreadlocks (#1 keyword).

Visit Just Loc's Blog:

We monitor the blog with site meter:

Learn from which geographic regions the Just Loc's visitors are coming.
Learn which search engines users employ to find Just Loc's.
Learn which keywords are performing, and which are not.
Learn which keywords users are employing to find the natural hair care salon.

If you go down to the bottom of the blog and click on the site meter you and click on site summary you will see she is averaging 2 hits an hour about 24 new blog visitors a day. Sometimes less. Site visitors must first click the link to visit and read the blog then be motivated by the copy to pick up the phone and call in order for the conversion to happen.

As the blog copywriter and administrator it is my job to get visitors to take action-- click the link to read the blog and to pick up the phone and dial the Just Loc's number. It's the Just Loc's owner job's to answer the phone, have an answering machine or better a LIVE person to answer calls, answer inquiry questions and set the salon appointments.

The more content-- blog content and comment content entered on the blog will equal more traffic! Increasing the amount of topical content will drive more search engine traffic to the site. The Hire It Out Content Management Service is essential for generating blog traffic. Click the site meter referrals link for the sites generating Just Loc's traffic.

Use social media to find people who will want and need your products and/or services.

I also created and started a Twitter Account for Just Loc's on Friday Nov. 13th 2009.

Just Loc's is using Twitter to make announcements, to connect and build relationships with other locticians world wide and to reach more people who are interested locking their hair who live or visit New York City.

I also created a Just Loc's Promo Video and a YouTube Channel on Sunday Dec. 27th 2009

Before the end of the year on Sunday Dec. 27th 2009 I created a 30 second Just Loc's Promo Video. I uploaded it to YouTube and it was optimized within 24 hours. Then I distributed it to other top video sites.

Obviously this works. And I'm guessing you would like to get RESULTS like that too.

I hope you find the Just Loc's Blog Case Study information valuable enough to call me, but I'll that decision in your hands.

"How Can I Help You?"

I have a track record of effective online marketing with a Blogger Blog. I strive to be your Web 2.0 SEO/SEM blogger of choice. To that end I offer competitive set up and monthly blog maintenance rates.

If you are looking to enhance your online presence by driving 'targeted traffic' to your site and converting those visitors into customers, then I'd love to help you. CALL 347-240-3713.

Let me show you how an optimized blog can translate into generating qualified leads and new customers. We Can Successfully Blog Your Business Today!

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About the author: Von Doane has specialized in Web 2.0 marketing for the past 5 years and has produced this free "Just Loc's Case Study" that exposes THE BEST authority blog to use and an unique blog strategy to generate leads to sell your business services.

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Hire It Out: Just Loc's Blog Case Study Success Story
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Disclaimer And Consumer Notice: These results are for illustrative purposes only. They are my results and I am sharing them with you so you can see the power of an optimized blog with an executed strategy in action. I am not making guarantees or promises that you will be able to achieve the same level of success that I have for my case study client, I'm only trying to help you understand what is possible.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services and its online potential to help you grow your web presence and business online. Any claims made or examples given are believed to be accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Any site testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, that don't apply to the average unskilled 'do it your self' user/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, motivation, time and the willingness to follow instruction-- as well as other factors not always known and sometimes out beyond your control.

As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of investment capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money when applying these techniques. Please read all agreements, notices and disclaimers carefully before purchasing services.

Hire It Out: Hire It Out Services Web 2.0 Case Studies

Hire It Out Services Web 2.0 Case Studies

We are currently working with Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, New York home-based entrepreneurs, start ups and local small busineses. Hire It Out Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Services in Brooklyn, New York provides everything from brand design to website/blog building and social media marketing.

We collaborate and work with talented graphic designers, web designers, writers and other media talent to create your vision.

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Feburary 2009

Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

This aspiring Brooklyn, New York politician wanted to emulate President Barack Obama online social media web presence. Using the lastest Web 2.0 technology the candidate was able to create a massive online presence with a 2009 campaign website, a 2009 campaign Blogger BlogSpot Blog, a Weekly Blog Talk Radio Show, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other Web 2.0 platforms to help him build his online presence and visibility in six months.

Hire It Out Services launched a comprehensive web strategy to help Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. achieve his online goals within six months. I am an expert at using Web 2.0 platforms to 1st get page #1 search engine results and #2 to dominate pages of search engine results.

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Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.'s Website and Blog Logo Designed By Graphic Designer and Webmaster Tyra Nicole.

One of Hire It Out Services collaborating partners Tyra Nicole creates websites and graphic images that resonates with viewers.

Our collaborating website payment policy is 50% down payment, as we start working on your project, the remaining balance will be due once the project is finished and the website goes live.

Tyra Nicole will create the pages, once the website structure and navigation is finished, she will ask you to provide text content and images for your internal pages.

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Next Hire It Out Web 2.0 Case Study... Just Loc's

Just Loc's Hire It Out Web 2.0 Testimonial

"I want to give a quick testimonial for Von Doane, and the rest of her collaborating partners at Hire It Out Services. I expect 2010 to be a much better year. I have generated new natural loc hair salon customers – that would NOT have existed I might add – if it weren't for Von Doane Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services.

I would encourage anyone, at any cost, to work with these guys. It's not how much the services they offer costs, it's how much you stand to loose by not being online and/or being found by web seachers!

Thanks, Von and Kreation Photography for your continued support and dedication!

There's simply no way to express my gratitude for all you have done for me and my hair salon business.

Thanks for your continued support and dedication!"

--Marceline Alburg - Just Loc's Natural Loc Hair Care Salon Owner, Brooklyn, New York

June 2009

Just Loc's

This Is A NO HYPE Tell-All Case Study where I Reveal... "The Exact Steps To Generate Prospective Leads For Your Business From The Internet, In Less Than 30 Days.” You can check it out now--FREE at: (Link TBA)

Just Loc's owner Marceline Alburg was trying to figure out how to get more customers in her natural loc hair care salon during the 2009 recession. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing agencies we take a customized and personal approach.

I recommended a blog and blogging, to help my Just Loc's client's business. The well written optimized blog is playing a significant role in attracting new dreadlock hair customers.

Just Loc's By Marceline is one of my clients who is very satisfied with my Hire It Out Web 2.0 Marketing Services.

I created an optimized gmail profile.

I created an optimized blog profile. She recieved 900 visitors on her blog profile between June - November 2009 and stats show from November 2009 - March 2010 a total 1,600 visitors. You can view the actual stats today.

View Blog Profile: Just Loc's Blog Profile.

I created an optimized blog (June 2009)-- 2 optimized blog post per month with the option of my client taking over the administration of the blog.

Visit Blog: Just Loc's Blog.

I set up an affiliate marketing program. Every time someone purchases a product on her blog she gets a small cut of it Without doing any work at all for it.

I also created and started a Twitter Account for her on Friday the 13th 2009 to promote her services.

Follow Just Loc's On Twitter.

Marceline is using Twitter to connect and to buld relationships with other locticians world wide and to reach more people who are interested locking their hair who live in or visit New York City.

September 2009

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

New York Writer And Journalist Gloria Dulan-Wilson wanted to create a blog to publish her printed articles online. Together we built a Blogger Blog with 1-2-3 push button publishing so she could run it on her own.

Gloria Writes!

Gloria Writes was created to promote Gloria Dulan-Wilson professional writing business services.

November 2009

World Eater Recordings

World Eater Recordings owner Jared Hassan Foles wanted to increase his online sales and expand his reach, beyond the New York City market. He had done a great job of creating his company's online presence. We had a general consulting meeting at Common Grounds Coffee Cafe.

We had an in depth face to face and a telephone consultation and several meetings. It seem he was skeptical that anyone could represent him and his brand as well as he could represent himself.

I reviewed and analyzed his site and recommended website keywords and explained the importance of making modifications and tweaking his website's meta tags and keywords. How to better track and monitor his site visitors. He has done an excellent job taking my advice and growing his web presence.

"Our Hire It Out Web 2.0 clients are thrilled with what we are doing for them, how fast the results are and how it is bringing them business."

Thinking about hiring a social media consultant or manager?

Hire It Out Services CALL #347-404-6850 Today.

If what you see arouses your interest, but you're unsure or skeptical about what to expect, you'll definitely want to take time to read my step-by-step Just Loc's Case Study.

Hire It Out Web 2.0 Client References

Some of our clients we can share, others we can provide only as referrals prior to engagement. Most of our clients we provide monitoring for remain confidential.

Disclaimer: A brief disclaimer about income expectations, testimonials, and complete transparancy.

Bear in mind that the results you will receive from the consultations services, special reports, trainings etc. are a direct result of the effort you put into it. They're not magic. Consequently, although I can show you case studies and REAL Testimonials from clients, I can't predict exactly what your results will be.

Your results will be a function of your willingness to do the work or to hire my services and your willingness to work with me, your existing talents and skills, and many other factors.

The testimonials you see and read on this page are actual testimonials from actual customers who are reporting their experience at that point in time. In some cases, they give their contact information. I recommend that you contact them and ask them how they feel right now.

Their results, as they report them, do not represent the results you will achieve. You may do better. You may do nothing at all. I honestly don't know what you'll do with the consultations or case study information we provide you, and make no claims regarding your outcome.

My goal in providing the above case studies information and testimonials is to give YOU the best information I can so that you can make the best informed decision for you and your business. My hope is that you will use the information to achieve success.

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