Hire It Out: Are You Listed On Google Maps?

Are You Listed On Google Maps?

People are Searching for what you're selling. Will They Find YOU?

Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online.

If your clients search on Google for your services do they find you?

Maximize the exposure of your business listing on the Internet and the search engines with Google Maps Local Search.

Hire It Out Offers A Google Map Local Business Listing Service. We Can List Or Claim YOUR Business For YOU. We are specialist in listing businesses on Google Local Map Business Listings in New York. Our goal is to help position you online for long-term success!

Hire It Out G Map Local Business Listing Services includes:

* Copywriting A Creative Descriptive Listing for your business.

* Optimize Your Business Listing in Google With Your Main Keywords.

* Update and make efforts to get, keep and hold a top business listing ranking.

Your Google Local Map Local Business Listing is applicable only in your local city.



Go to Google and type in:

brooklyn best french pastry


Real Life Examples Of Hire It Out Web 2.0 Local Google Maps Listing Results La Table Exquiste Results #25 of about 4,337
New York French Bakery or French Bakery near New York, NY

La Table Exquise Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Google Maps Geo Targeting - Neighborhood

1. Bed-Stuy French Bakery Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Maps Geo Targeting - Borrough

2. Brooklyn French Bakery Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Google Maps Geo Targeting - Neighborhood + Borough

3. Bed-Stuy Brooklyn French Bakery

We Can Do Out Of New York State Google Maps Local Business Listings, TOO!

Check Out Scent 4 U Alabama Local Google Business Result Listing

Scents 4 U Alabama Listing RANK #1

Copy, Paste and Enter the following keywords on the Scents 4 U Alabama Listing Page

1. Natural Organic Soaps (Plural) - #1 Out Of 36 Result Listings

2. Natural Organic Soap (Singular) - #1 Out Of 32 Result Listings

3. 100% Organic Soaps - #1 Out Of 36 Result Listings

4. 100% Natural Soaps (Plural)- #1 Out Of 111 Result Listings

5. Specialty Soaps - #1 Out of 84 Listings

If you are a Local Business and if you are NOT Listed On Google Maps...

If they find you, do they call you?

When they call you, has your web site or blog educated and pre-sold your service?

If your business is local I can implement an online strategy that will bring in new local business and out perform your competition. The process starts out by analyzing your business and target market, reviewing your website, blog and current online advertising and marketing strategy.

How does it work?

When people search one of your keywords, your business listing appears in Google Maps and the local search results on top of the first page of Google or Yahoo. People simply click your listing to learn more about you and the services you offer. You are advertising to an audience that is already interested.

Advertise Your Business Today. Let us help you business show up in search results.

GET Listed On Google Maps And Local Search.

CALL #347-404-6850 for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Sign up today for your business listing to be promoted and optimized on Google.

Optimizing your business profile makes all the difference in enabling potential customers to find you and to select you from the pack of competitors on Google.

We will create a listing of your business that will include: your business name, services, address, website, phone number, hours of operation, reviews, a map to your address etc.

Google Analytics (the best free analytics tool available) is implemented to track visitor clicks (among other things). This allows you to see exactly how many people come directly to your site from your Google Map listing or get driving directions to your business.

"Here's what to do next..."

CALL #347-404-6850 for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

One last thing...

We are NOT Afiliated with Google. We are an independent business listing service. This is an online business listing service offering. You are hiring me to perform a service for your business. You pay for contracted services performed.

There is no guarantee you will get a top 3/7 or 10 pack Google listing and/or rank listing or top page local results listing. Therefore, there is no guarantee except my promise to perform the service as stated to the best of my abilty.

If you are visiting Hire It Out Services and this page for the first time we advise that you bookmark this page right now to your favorites.

Are You Listed On Google Maps?
Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services #347-404-6850
Please Note: I do not provide services to adult sites, get rich sites, poker, casino or illegal drugs sites.


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Hire It Out: Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II


Personal Testimonial in our client's own words, emotional, life-changing! And GENUINE!

Client References

Some of our Hire It Out Web 2.0 Service clients we can share, others we can provide only as referrals prior to engagement. Most of our clients we provide monitoring for remain confidential.

Just Loc's agreed to allow us to share her Web 2.0 blog success story with others.

I often use our client Just Loc's to make the blogging benefits concrete and understandable to readers and prospective customers. I am sure you are asking yourself "Can this work for me?"

The key question I hear from potential Web 2.0 Social Media customers is will these Web 2.0 platforms work for me and my business or service?

You are not alone. This is the initial question that our Just's Loc's client asked on our initial face to face consultation. She wanted to change her advertising from an ad in the local community paper to online marketing. Our Just Loc's client initial concern was "How will a blog help my business?" And "Can you guarantee me customers?"

No we can not guarantee you customers no more than the community paper ad. No advertiserment can guarantee you customers. The local and community papers offer you the potential of people seeing your ad and needing or finding your services in print.

What we do at Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services-- we consider seo and we can offer you an optimized blog and blog promotion with the potential of interested prospective people looking for your services on Google and finding your business in the local search results, Google Maps and more.

We can get you Google indexed in days (7 to 10 days) vs. a month or more with a traditional website. We identified the #1 one key to Just Loc's online blog success would be the creation of REAL testimonials from her 14+ year client base and online reviews from new web clients.

Hire It Out Services Challenge

The situation we at Hire It Out Services was presented, included Just Loc's online expectations and our Just Loc's client's new online customer’s goals or quest – with the complication of being limited to only using certain specified keywords by Just Loc's, including the obstacles of certain natural hair care services at the time that were not and are not offered today.


• Attract new customers
• Compete with existing businesses
• Reduce marketing costs
• Create Web presence easily

We were challenged to meet our client Just Loc's expectations and the salon new customer goals – and find the resolution on how our services could help Just Loc's online marketing and how we could overcome limiting the keywords - working with the internal obstacles and still achieve the client's goals and a positive outcome.

We worked with our Just Loc's client to get a better understanding of her business. We asked for her to keep a new call log to show how many of her loc hair salon calls was coming from the internet, we accessed her salon appointment records to better understand the increase of monthly blog visitors, inquiry calls and what was driving blog visitors to call Just Loc's and inquire about the salon services.

We discussed inquiry calls, customer concerns, monitor online metric results and more to tweak the blog, make coupon promotion offers and drive strategic directions.

Client Responsibility:

Track New Customers (Tracking Sheet – List daily inquiring emails, daily inquiring calls, deposit payments sent, daily scheduled appts. etc.)

* Start asking where did you hear about us?

* Incentive Offers (Online Coupon 50%)

* Ask Customer For Website Testimonials and Web Reviews. Personal testimonies are very important to your company, and they definitely provide visitors with great feedback. (This Just Loc's Testimonial Page is a work in progress).

Internet users will make purchases and buy services based on social proof and social networks referrals and the recommendations of others.


#1-- Google maps local search - Local search seems to be ignored by many people in their on-line promotion. Submitted Just Loc's Salon business to Yahoo! Local and Google Local.

Request and/or Claim Google Local Listing. Optimize Google Coupon – Offer Significant Discount-- A Hot Discount! (Print and Mobile Phone).

Mobile devices playing an important role for local searches.

Comprehensive submissions to Yahoo, Bing, AOL and specific top online local directories for listing. Submit links to industry related authorities (like trade organizations, niche publications, niche blogs, and niche directories).

Divert Traffic from one location (point A) to another (point B)- Copywriting Skills.

Step 2: Convert the diverted traffic from Step 1 into Profit - Copywriting Skills and having a System - structure.

In a nutshell if you want to make any money online you better have an optimized site and a plan to divert traffic from the search engines, directories, blogs and the social networks to your site.

'Capture The Eyeballs - Get The Click' to your site. Otherwise your site will get lost in a sea of competitors. Your copy must convert and motivate your visitors to taking action.... sign up for your list, newsletter, free report or to pick up the phone and call your number.

#2-- Three of the hottest topics in Internet marketing – photo images, video marketing and social networking. Photos images and video work for Just Loc's and will work for you, too.

-----Insider Tip SIDEBAR-----

Put your blog's promos photo images up and or video this week and drive targeted traffic and massive sales for business!

We create a Just Loc's Promo Video on Dec 27th 2009. We also created an optimized Just Loc's a YouTube account. Uploaded the video.

Step #3 Monitor Site Visitors

* Know exactly where traffic comes from.

* View how visitors have discovered your site.

* Visits are grouped by the referral source.

* Each source displays number of total visits.

* Expanded view displays clickable urls and keywords.

* View detailed break down of your site visits organized by time and source.

Use Google Analytics or a Site Meter.

-----Insider Tip SIDEBAR-----

Alternative Ways To Monetize Just Loc's Blog Beside Adsense

Be An Online Resource And Recommend The Best Loc Products (Affiliate Promotion).

Sign Up to be an Affiliate and receive referral fees.

Affiliate Marketing For Small Businesses

It's a simple case of...

1. Find a product that compliments your site to promote - it's free to do this, and you simply need to copy and paste a link to refer your site's visitors.

2. YOU promote the link that is relevant to your niche in any one of a thousand ways

3. A potential customer sees your promotion, follows your link to the product...and buys the product. You get paid your affiliate commission, receive your check, and take your slice of the $6.5 billion pie. It has been say Opray Winfrey is The #1 Affiliate Seller in the world.

But there is a problem: It's easy to sign up as affiliate. And it's easy to put up a simple website or blog to allow people to apply for the credit card which earns you an affiliate commission. But, you will probably hit a brick wall when you try to divert traffic to your new site. You see, the Credit Card market is extremely competitive.

YOU have to figure out a winning combination to make money.

We concentrated on promoting just 3 products on the blog until they started selling.

Because The Blog is reaceiving daily visitors from the search engines we can charge advertisers a monthly link fee to advertise or an online promotion fee. Top of the page - Top Dollar $$$ Prime Virtual Real Estate. Middle Page $$, Bottom of the page $ (offer a special) lower cost.

Over several months working with us the Just Loc's owner had several insightful revelations on how she could improve her business.

We answered and monitors her calls for one week Starting Dec. 11th 2009 to Dec. 21st 2009. Just Loc's Results: Getting More Web Traffic. Expand the business net reach from our quality directory submission work.

I felt confident at the time looking at the challenge of having a blog bring in new Just Loc's hair salon customers and I feel confident now we can help you.

Will YOU be our next success story?

If you have a dedicated advertising budget or the budget to be serious about your business Online Marketing, then Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services can help you increase your business revenue. We can help you generate more leads in a way that's more cost-effective than print, tv or radio.

Not only can you get immediate results through Internet advertising and marketing, but you can simultaneously build a longterm solution, giving you stability down the road to generate leads organically through search and social networking.

CALL 347-240-3713 for a 30 minute FREE phone consultation.

I have a special report for you...

Get the Cornegy Special Report. HOWEVER - It IS expensive. I'm not going to deny that it's not within everyones budget... (unfortunately).

It’s normally $500 with a private consultation – you can have it for $297. It’s absolutely critical for you. I’m going to share resources and tell you secrets that have took me years to discover and years to figure out, but once I tell you they’re going to be so simple you’re going to say how come I didn’t get it all the time?

I’m handing over my blueprint for you to use! I’m going to tell you exactly what to do step by step. I’m going to show you how I really set up an online campaign to dominate the big G. There’s no wadding through information to figure out what works right. There’s no second guessing yourself. This report can make the difference for you and your business. But you MUST HAVE a suitable budget to get the job done right and effectively.

This is THE BlogMaster Blogging System. All you have to do is duplicate the system. This system works-plain and simple.

What are YOU waiting for?

Get it now for a ridiculously low price of $297.

WARNING: This is a time-sensitive offer. It will only be available for a limited time only, so don't wait, or you'll miss out!

CALL 347-2403713 to get your copy and private consultation.
About the author: Von Doane has specialized in Web 2.0 marketing for the past 5 years and has produced this free "Just Loc's Case Study" that exposes the best authority blog to use and an unique blog strategy to generate leads to sell your business services. Don't be caught out. Get you FREE 30 minute Web 2.0 blog consultation now. Simple CALL 347-240-3713. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part I

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II

Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services #347-240-3713


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