Hire It Out Digital Media Campaign Services

Hire It Out Digital Media Campaign Services

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"Some of Hire It Out Services clients include Cafe Pomidor, Halsey Street Grill Soul Food Restaurant and Catering Services, The Bush Doctor Juice Bar, Author Valarie Carey, Writer Gloria Dulan-Wilson, The Loft Book Store Cafe, Fashion Rock Party Space, Vine & Branches Lounge".

Looking to leverage the internet and create a strong online presence?

Create local and national digital media campaigns across a broad spectrum.

Blog Creation
Blog Optimization
Blogger Outreach
Social Media Marketing Consultation
Social Media Optimization
Online Promotional Concepting
Online Advertising Concepting
Online Marketing Creatives
Online Marketing Strategy
Traffic Analysis
Web Analytics

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Don't Believe Me?

See the proof and listen to the video testimonial below documenting Hire It Out Services.


Von Doane SEO Testimonial By Author Val Carey

"As seen on Lifetime's Balancing Act"


Hire It Out: Need A Web 2.0 Consultant?

Need A Web 2.0 Consultant?

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Von Doane is a Web 2.0 Consultant in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York. She provides business blog promotion consulting and comphrehensive Web 2.0 consulting and strategies.

There needs to be a strategy and a set of priorities in place before jumping into Social Media. It starts with lots of questions:

What kind of online presence do you want?

Why are you getting involved with social media? To drive sales, to create awareness, to influence the conversation in a particular area?

Where do you want to be a year from now, two.. three?

How will social media help you get there?

There are dozens more questions that should be addressed before one's blog, twitter, facebook account is launched.

And finally, there needs to be a consistent social media experience. With pre-planned topics, targeted written posts on targeted subjects in targeted venues, professional high resolution digital images and scheduled social networks and blog post days.

It is important to be strategic about it.



3rd - You MUST IMPLEMENT your online marketing plan.

4th - You MUST HAVE consistent execution of your online marketing.

The benefits of a well thought out, planned and well executed online marketing strategy for your campaign can be tremendous, both in terms of time management, branding, reputation, traffic, direct or indirect sales.

Social Media Marketing affords you the benefit of targeting prospects by geography, demography and by interests.

I love what I do, I love empowering people and I love Web 2.0 emerging technologies. I think Web 2.0, talk it, eat it, sleep it and get better and better at it, and I create value by doing what I do to help others.

The more I help others, the deeper I appreciate the power of the Internet.

One part visionary entrepreneur, one part innovator, one part Internet marketer: the sum of those parts have made Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services.

I love to share what I’ve learned about Web 2.0, blogging and strategies which has lead to my Web 2.0 Consulting Services, Web 2.0 Social Media Management and Training for local New York City entrepreneurs, start ups and business owners.

I am not only leading the way with Web 2.0 online practices but I am also sharing my results with the community so as to encourage entrepreneurs, start ups, home-based businesses and small businesses to self promote.

CALL NEW #347-404-6850 for your FREE professional 30 minute consultation
via the phone NOW!

If not now, when?

My Hire It Out Web 2.0 Consulting Rates are highly competitive.

I provide my Web 2.0 services upon a pre-arranged scheduled phone consultation, Skype, Google Voice or Google Talk along with a signed contract and or invoice agreement, a retainer fee (50% deposit) and a renewable monthly service commitment (90 days, 180 days or 365 days) admin. and management services agreement for 20 hours min. per month for the length of the commitment.



Prior to calling, Hire It Out Web 2.0 Social Media Services requests that you do the following: Review the Hire It Out Services Blog thoroughly. Thank You.

Need A Web 2.0 Consultant?

Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services Of New York City

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Don't Believe Me?

See the proof below documenting Hire It Out Services.

No one had heard of Halsey Street Grill until Hire It Out Services developed their online presence. All that change once Halsey Street Grill web presence and visibilty grew online. The New York Daily News found the grill online and did a 'news story' that further increased the grill's business.

Hire It Out Web 2.0 Marketing Services gave Halsey Street Grill the online momentum to get found in Google Maps/Places, Yelp, City Search, Urban Spoon, Menu Pages; other major local sites and listings and by new online customers and The New York Daily News.

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Hire It Out: Got Web 2.0 Questions?

Hire It Out: Got Web 2.0 Questions?

Are you an entrepreneur, start up or a small business who is looking to launch into the online world of Web 2.0 Social Media?

Seem overwhelming?

Learn How To Make Your Online Marketing An Enjoyable Experience At Our Web 2.0 Social Media Weekend Seminar.

Get YOUR VIP Ticket NOW!
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to...

1. Get to know others who are entrepreneurs in the Bed-Stuy Community.

They'd like to get to know you- and you really should get to know them. If you are a small business owner you really can't afford to not be there.

2. Get to know some of the top community bloggers in Brooklyn in a casual environment. Being there could be the most important thing you ever do for your business, life and relationships.

Hire It Out: Got Web 2.0 Questions?

"Let Me Answer Your Web 2.0 Questions and Take You By The Hand--One on One--to Accomplish Your Online Web 2.0 Goals"

One on One Consulting Available.

I will Help You BUILD Your Business Online


Here's what it is all about.

If you've got questions about SEO, SEM, Organic Search, Traffic, Internet Marketing, Web 2.0, Social Media, Blogging- or Attracting Customers- you're in luck.

As your Web 2.0 knowledge and tools improve, your online experience improves- and your business and life improves.

If you would like initial help getting into the social media/social networking sphere, I can set up your accounts and show you the best ways to use these accounts to increase business and name recognition.

Can’t find the time to socially network on the internet?

Don’t have the time to Tweet every day or check and participate on your Facebook account. No time to participate in blogs.


Don't waste another minute! While you read this page, 3 other people have called and hire us for Web 2.0 services.

We spearhead the creation and write for your company's blog. We oversee the maintenance and updating of Social Media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

We manage your social media presence.

I work with Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and Blogger.

Different Web 2.0 platforms enable you to use different marketing strategies.

Here is what I can do for you on a weekly basis:


- Manage Twitter (Conversations, engagement, follower growth, etc)

- Targeted 10 specific keywords to find 'target demographics followers'.

- Follow 'targeted users' that follow you.

- Unfollow 'targeted users' that no longer follow you.

- Engage 'target followers' and encourage Re-Tweets.

Re-Tweet Example

- Post 20+ updates through out the week with relevant info or news about your industry (research) or your 'targeted market products and/ or services'.

- Direct message "thank you for following" to all new friends, Direct Message (DM) to all your Twitter Friends with your a link to your new website when launch, other company announcements or special promotions you may be offering.

Example: Txs for follow/follow-back. I look forward to sharing our news, tips and offers with you. For more info see (URL).

Twitter Viral

Sankofa Aban Live Jazz RSVP Promo On Twitter

Our collaborating Passionate Shutter Photography professional photographer will shoot great custom digital photo images to help create the style of your website, preserve the web design, set the image bar high to help build your credibility and to promote your business, your services and your events online.

Passionate Shutter Photography has partnered with Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services in the New Digital Media Era to help entrepreneurs, start ups and small businesses that have a range of digital photo images needs for your online marketing and digital social networking properties. Our partnered photographer has the skills and equipment to facilitate your needs.

Passionate Shutter Photography professional high resolution digital photo images will do justice to your business and/or corporate social networking profile headshots and represent you professionally and aesthetically in Google Images and anywhere else online for commercial purposes.

Passionate Shutter Photography digital photo images will visually capture your targeted audience attention. We will use your custom quality digital photo images in a promotional manner that attracts targeted visitors to your website, blog, social networking websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.com etc.) and finally to your business.

Your professional digital photo images will stand out and communicate in a way that is visually effective. The digital photo images will help to sell your products and/or services.

Images can be used in multimedia presentations and incorporated into video for the Internet for YouTube and video syndication sites, in the advertising and in the promoting the sale of your business services and/or products.

The Passionate Shutter Photography monthly services and digital photo images will allow you to have new images and quality rich digital media content. Once purchase you can use any Image (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark or logo.

Images can also be used for print: letterhead and business cards, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, calendars etc.

Please Note: Cancellation Fees are charged for scheduled confirmed photo and/or video shoot.

Halsey Street Grill Twitter Campaign Graph Snapshot


- Profile page creation and updating with new content.

- Send friend requests out using targeting (location).

- Send status updates to all of your friends announcing anything important or exciting for your product and/or service.

- Post comments, professional photos and videos to all your friends promoting your product or service

- Post in groups to promote you to new people.

- Post blogs to your profile for all your friends to read.


- Profile page creation and updating with new content.

- Send friend requests out using targeting (location).

- Send broadcasts to all of your friends announcing
anything important or exciting for your product and/or service.

- Post comments to all your friends promoting your product or service.

- Post in forums pertaining to you.

- Post in groups to promote you to new people.

- Post on your MySpace blog for all your friends and visitors to read.

Example: Digital Photo Image As A Logo


- Write and Content Management (Blogging, basic SEO, Online Growth, etc.)

- Post 2 new pre-written blog posts twice a month with exciting or relevant industry related news or with special promotions you may be having.

- Create new content from scratch to distribute to your blog.

- Follow 200+ other interesting blogs so that those blog owners start reading, posting comments, email and forwarding tweets about your blog in return.

Don't have the knowledge of getting text information or images on these sites?

Hire It Out.

Google Profile:

I will set up an optimized Google Profile for you.

Your Online Listings And Profiles MUST Be Set Up Right.

I will claim and personalize all your Business Profiles and any other online profiles. Optimize Your Profiles (Image - Photo + Business Description) and Use Specific Related Keywords.

Our Bonus Gift ($250 Value) - To protect the integrity of your business unknown Google and other online listings we will survey the web, claim and verify all your online business listing information every 90 days. Provide you the information for damage control to negative or un-flattering online reviews on your business for as long as you are a contracted client.


I work on a contracted basis. I charge per social networking site that you want me to promote you on. For Example: if you want to be on Twitter and FaceBook, it would be a set up fee and/or a monthly admin. and management fee for each. Minimum commitment of 3 months.

Example: If you want all four sites, then it would be a monthly service fee for each network and/or blog. Just remember the more sites your product/brand/service is promoted on the faster you will see a return on your investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you, please call for a free consultation.

One crucial thing you need to know is Social Media is an INVESTMENT of not just money but a lot of TIME. Social Media and Blogging success takes TIME. The seeds of cultivating relationships need to grow and you’ll need to invest what’s needed to make it work for whatever end goals that are set. Expecting instant results or results in a month or two isn’t realistic.

That being said, I will NOT waste your money, if you do NOT waste my time. MUST have an advertising/promotion budget. For more information about our Web 2.0 services and rates contact us.

CALL 347-404-6850 TODAY!
Join me in getting your online Web 2.0 house in order.

SIMPLY CALL 347-404-6850 NOW.

Tell me about your business/service, current social media experience and your goals!

I have the ability to understand your 'brick and mortar' business goals and how our online Web 2.0 recommendations can meet those goals.

Hire It Out: Got Web 2.0 Questions?

Got Web 2.0 Questions?

Brought to YOU by
Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850


Got a friend who wants more online or social media exposure? Forward this message and invite them to join our Web 2.0 Social Media Weekend Seminar.

Help me get the world out. Let others know about THE Best Local Web 2.0 Social Media Services.

Tell your friends.

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Serious About Online Marketing? - Want Personal Help?

Serious About Online Marketing? - Want Personal Help?

CALL 347-404-6850 For 30 Minute FREE Consultation By Phone Today!

Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services Can Help YOU...

See local search results from Google Maps, Yahoo, MSN/Bing

Google is the #1 Search Engine in the World. Google Local Search And Google Maps is the highest advertising exposure available online today.

We will Properly List Your Business on Google Maps and LINK YOUR WEBSITE directly to Google Maps. Don't have a website we can create an optimized website, or a Web 2.0 blog or Web 2.0 web page (inter-active) for you.

Your website is your business card online. Having a website and/or a Web 2.0 blog or web page will build your online credibility and bring you traffic.

See Top Rankings On Google Page One...

See first page organic search results DOMINATION...

The Google Blogger Blog is under rated.

"Push Button Simplicity..."

It works better than almost anything else for getting indexed, ranked and trafficized quickly.

Blogging (from creating a site to writing and/or managing posts).

Blogger is compatible for ALL the different mobile phones.

Blogger is iphone, ipad/ipod ready.

"You Have Heard The Social Media Buzz..."

Are You Wondering Which Social Networks Are Best To Promote Your Business?

Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services takes the guess work out which properties will work for you.

Social Media Marketing Package

Our goal is to dominate as much real estate on page 1 of Google as possible on the left side of the page (natural or organic search results).

We Can Set Up Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Linked-In, Ning, And More!

We optimize your profiles (optimize content, articles, images and add video) for better visibility.

Update and manage social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other relevant networking sites.

* Social Networking (we build and grow your various networks–ie-Twitter, Facebook, MySpace)

* Establish consistency of message across multiple networks and work with your Marketing team to ensure proper messaging is being executed online.

* Utilize the social media sites to drive traffic.

* Increase page views, users and followers on all networking sites.

* Analytics - Prepare reports to update internal staff on site statistics. We will track and monitor your site and adjust when necessary to best deliver results.

Timely coordination and production of all site updates and enhancements, collaborating with necessary departments, partners and agencies to ensure that online activity is in sync with offline efforts.

Now that you are aware Hire It Out Services can handle ALL your online promotion here's how you can get a 30 minute FREE consultation, Simply pick up your phone and dial our new New York #347-404-6850. The old #347-240-3713.

We would love to have you as one of our clients.

Get on the first page of google in 7 days or Less.

What are YOU waiting for?

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!


The Good & Bad News...

if you ACT NOW you can secure your place!

But here's the bad news... There are only very limited spots available.

BAD NEWS: Here's the problem.

I don't want to over extend myself.

I can only handle managing a limited number of sites properly.


I need to keep my standards at the highest level of quality or I won't do it at all. So I WILL close this service offer down when I start managing more sites than I can handle. This will happen sooner rather than later.

One last thought... Sadly, I have experienced most entrepreneurs, local homebased and small businesses never have a marketing, advertising or promotional plan and/or budget to be able to do this.

They talk a lot about wanting to succeed, but they're
not willing to invest in themselves and their business.

When presented with various online programs or systems,
they'll say, "Oh, I'd love to but the price is too high."

Little do they realize that the price of not knowing how to market
online, and the price of not being able to market, advertise or promote one's business and services online is the real price that's too high.

If YOU have no online presence, online but getting no results or getting mediocre results call me for a free 30 minute consultation.

If you want more online visibility and exposure, more visitors to your website, more sales and more buzz about what you're doing, take the time to call and talk with me today.

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!

If I am unable to personally answer please leave your name, telephone number and the best time for me to call back to speak with you.

Can You Afford It?


The 'Ultimate Question Is' Can You Afford NOT To?

There is a one-time setup fee. Sometimes we have promotional offers or specials, where the setup fee may be reduced. But generally, there is a one-time setup fee.

There is a monthly charge for the service. So in most cases, your first month’s cost is the initial set up fee, and the 1st month service fee and every month thereafter is the service fee for your time commitment.

You have to sign a contract and make a 90 day/6months or a one year written time commitment. If there’s anything else we can tell you about our services or the way we do business, just call us.

Serious About Online Marketing? - Want Personal Help?

Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services Can Help YOU...

Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850



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Hire It Out: Why Hire It Out Services?

Why Hire It Out Services...

Work Samples

I use the #1 Search Engine in the world-- Google tools.

First, we set up a business gmail account. Second Step, we create and properly optimized the business gmail account profile.

Example: http://www.google.com/profiles/gloriadulanwilson

Third Step, we set up a Google BlogSpot Blog and Google Blog Profile. We create and optimized the blog profile.

Example: http://www.blogger.com/profile/10697937958373924179

Fourth Step, We optimized the BlogSpot Blog to rank high in Google. If a Blogger Blog is set up properly it will rank page #1 in Google.

The Blog's Initial Keywords: (Your Name And/Or Services)

Gloria Dulan Wilson - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

Gloria Dulan Wilson Blog

Gloria Dulan Wilson Author - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson writer - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria d. wilson writer

Gloria Dulan Wilson Writer - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria wilson new york - Profile results for Gloria Wilson

gloria d. wilson new york

Gloria Dulan Wilson New York Writer

Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog launched on Sept. 17th 2009.

Google: Gloria Dulan Wilson

You will not only see Gloria Dulan Wilson blog listed but her Google Profile at the bottom of the page.

Here is the Gloria Dulan-Wilson Google results link.

The Gloria Dulan-Wilson Blog Google Page 1 - #1 Results for the following searched keywords from blog posts entries....

israel houghton in Concert in the Bronx (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

Bloomberg minority hiring (Page #1 - Position Rank #2)

eight is enough scam (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

shirley scott and thornton meachum (Page #1 - Position Rank #1)

It is best to set up the blogging campaign several weeks (4 to 6 weeks) in advance of your blog's publishing date.

Gloria Writes! http://gloria-writes.blogspot.com/ a promotional blog launched on Mon. Nov. 23rd 2009

Initial Targeting Keywords:

Gloria Writes

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

NYC Writing Service

NYC Writing Services

Writer for Hire

Hire Writer

Google Images

Meet Gloria Writes!

Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Google Blog Search

Search Engine Search

Quick Update on Gloria Writes!

Gloria Writes Promotional Blog Launched on Monday 11/23/09 - Indexed in Google on Thursday 12/03/09 - in 10 Days. Goal 1st Page Results Listings - #1 - Several Achieved!

The blog will achieve other page #1 and top search results listings over time as more promotional blog posts entries are added to it.


Meet Gloria Writes!

Results 34 - 40 of about 4,810,000 for Meet Gloria Writes!

Gloria Wilson "Gloria Writes!"

Gloria Dulan Wilson "Gloria Writes!"

"Gloria Writes!" NYC Writing Services

"Gloria Writes!" Writer for Hire

YES - this can be YOU, too!

If you want to have your business or your services found online by the #1 search engine in the world

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!

Why Hire It Out Services?
Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850


Help me get the world out. Let others know about THE Best Local Web 2.0 Social Media Services. Tell your friends.

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CALL 347-404-6850 For 30 Minute FREE Phone Consultation

One Stop Web Source - Every Person You Need!

Finally! You have found Web 2.0 experts to take care of the technical and tedious work so you can focus on your business and making more money.


From Site Builder to New York Interview Studio, Professional YouTube Video, MySpace Design, Facebook and Twitter Profile and Strategy (and more). You get everything you need in one place. This is one example of how the ability to have access to a trusted resource can save you time.

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Network Referrals, Sharing Online Resources, Web 2.0, Social Networking and Social Media Marketing Training Opportunities.

The missing piece to some businesses, is how to actually create an external outsourcing team or develop as need basic advisers, consultants and outsourcing staff, to take their business from where it is to where they want it to be. I can't recommend this enough.

I have now had the opportunity to advise a number of entrepreneurs, home-based beginning business bloggers, start ups and local businesses on getting started effectively and help them better align their business with our Hire It Out Referral Services and Web 2.0 platforms and blogs with their business strategy.

I will work with you on how to get started, optimize your search results in Google, Yahoo, MSN Live Search, AOL, and other engines, to expand your targeted audience.


I will help you avoid the common mistakes and give you support.

If you are looking for ways to improve your online presence, increase your organic search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing), drive more people to your website.

Call now for a f-r-e-e 30 minute consultation.

Accepting entrepreneur, start ups and small business consulting and social media work by appointment only.

If you are interested in a search engine friendly and profitable Web 2.0 platforms for your business simply pick up the phone and contact me at: #347-404-6850.


Client References

Some of our clients we can share, others we can provide only as referrals prior to engagement. Most of our clients we provide monitoring for remain confidential.


Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850 NOW!



Help me get the world out. Let others know about THE Best Local Web 2.0 Social Media Services.

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Hire It Out: Are You Listed In Local Search?

Hire It Out: Are You Listed In Local Search?

CALL 347-404-6850 For 30 Minute FREE Phone Consultation

Hire It Out Services Brooklyn, New York 11221

Example: Hire It Out

Example: Hire It Out Services

Example: Hire It Out Services Brooklyn

Example: Hire It Out Services Of New York

Example: Hire It Out Services Of N. Y. C.

The first step is to get online and have an online presence. The second step is define your audience and to be visible online and get traffic-- "targeted visitors" people that are interested in what your specific business has to offer. Most people believe if they get a website they have an online presence and will automatically get traffic to their site. NOT TRUE.

Why have a website if your customers can't find it? If you have a business website and want it to be a lead and/or sales generator, then YOU KNOW that you need to be on the first page of GOOGLE! for what people type in when searching for your product or service. Otherwise, your competitors will get this business uncontested.

I can help you with your Website's Optimization, Define Your Audience, GET Traffic - Targeted Traffic (Prospects), The Local Search Opportunities - Search Marketing, Google Rankings and More! The Goal is to focus on Google Maps, local search, get high placement for local search (position #1-#5), select value keywords and keyword phrases to owned or dominate as many Google result #1 pages.

That is my uniqueness-- I know Web 2.0 and how to get multiple listings on the 1st page and to dominate Google-- get maximum exposure.

GET Seen By Your Potential Clients NOW!

If you ever wanted an online advantage over your competition. Web 2.0 is the way to go. I can start to implement strategies today.

If your website already shows up organically/naturally on a search engine's first page, then now is the time to maximize your online exposure. Dominating three or more SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) will drive your company's credibility through the roof.

We can dominate Google with Web 2.0 and get 7 out of 10 page #1 results spots and we can dominate several result pages. We can get your message-- your personalized message in front of people looking for your services through active targeted outreach (keyword phrases).

ALL businesses need advertising!

Expose Your Business Online

Google Maps and Local search offers a great opportunity for small businesses to reach your targeted audience and customers on the web.

No site? No Problem!

We can establish an online presence for you within 24 hours to get you started and build a personalized Web 2.0 internet presence for your business.

Submission to Search Engines. Submission to Directories. Submissions to Niche Directories. Input Company Description with keywords and tags.

Verified And Update Your Business to the Top Rated Online Directories.

Organize the strategy for REAL Customer Testimonials, Google Maps Reviews etc.

We discuss your expectations. Uncover, understand and define your online goals and business objectives.

Our clients receive immediately results. I’d love to do the same for you.

Initial consultation is always FREE. Two things that separate us from the competition: Competitive Prices & Superb Customer Service.

CALL 347-404-6850 For a FREE 30 minute professional consultation via phone.
Fee for on site consultations.

Can You Afford It?


The 'Ultimate Question Is' Can You Afford NOT To?
I take pride in my work and my rates are competitive. I have been hired by local and out of town small businesses and individuals - entrepreneurs for consultations who are looking to get their sites listed in Google Maps and Local Search to gain FREE search engine traffic to grow their business.

If there’s anything else we can tell you about our services or the way we do business,please give us a call.

Are You Listed In Local Search?

Get Listed! Get Ranked! Get Business! Make Money!



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Hire It Out: Having A Web Presence Is NOT Enough!

Having a presence on the web is not enough.

Your customers and potential visitors to your web site have to be able to find you online.

If your web site isn't on the first page SERP (search engine results page) for Google or Yahoo........ then it isn't seen by enough potential customers.

Google has a serious impact on getting customers “in the door” for local businesses. Hire It Out Local Business Listing Service is a cost effective form of online advertising that actually works.

Is Your Business Listed And Shown On Google Maps And The Local Search Results?

You want your business to be listed in Local Search for Google and Yahoo and Google and Yahoo Maps. You want to control your own online Google business listing and create the message you want to deliver to your potential customers.

It’s critical to point out that with G maps (Google Maps also known as Google Places) in particular, a business should claim and verified their listing because if they don’t it can be – and probably will be – hijacked at some point. By claiming your listing, you protect yourself from someone else claiming it.

By claiming your listing you've verified the details so other people know they can trust them, plus you've taken control of the listing so you can update and customize the business profile.

Your Business Local Google Maps Profile Must Be Claimed And/Or Set Up Right - Optimized

Hire It Out Services recently claimed Zawrat Flowers Google Maps Local Business Listing for the business owner.

Zawrat Flowers is a premiere local downtown Brooklyn, New York Florist Shop that has been in business 10+ years that sells exotic FRESH flowers.

Zawrat Flower Shop offers flowers for all occasions: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas, birthday, get well, anniversary. Zawrat Flowers will handle your sympathy and funeral flower arrangements with care.

Zarat Flower Shop is super-accessible via MTA public transportation.

Zawrat Flowers delivers exquisite flowers and beautiful designed arrangements throughout NYC. Orders online can be made 24 hours a day safely and securely!

Zawrat Flowers is only one of many businesses we have claimed, optimized and owner verified local business listing. The Zawrat Flowers owner was very happy to have his Google Local business listing claimed and optimized.

Local Search And Google Maps Business Profile Submission


* Create a full business profile including business name, address, phone/fax number, public email address, website and services.

* Check the Google Map and Verify Location.

* Business Description - Use your main key words.

* Add at least one quality image and/or one business logo. You are allowed 10 photos and 5 videos. Logos, images, photos and videos enhance the user experience.

Important Note: Optimize your images for Google Maps.

* Write a Review - An Opening Statement For Your Business. Talk to your visiting reader and potential customer. Set the tone for future positive and honest customer reviews.

All Your Online Profiles MUST Be Set Up Right - Optimized.

I will claim, personalize your Local Search Business Profiles and optimize your gmail account profiles and have you verify your business listing. Optimize Your Profiles (Images - Photos + Logo + Custom SEO Business Description) and Use Specific Keywords Related to Your Industry and Market.

Don't have a web site, business logo or quality images and photos. Don't worry we can help you with anything you need. At Hire It Services we and our collaborating partners are committed to deliver quality services to our prospective customers and clients.

Local Search Business Profile Submission Example:

* Create a full business profile including business name (display name), address, phone/fax number, public email address, website and services.

* Select the Best Category for Business Listing

* Business Description - Use your main key words to target your audience.

* Add one image and/or one logo.

* Add Website URL to the Category

* Owner MUST Verify Submission.

Optimized the Local Search Listings for relevant keywords and keyword phrases that target your geographic location (Example: Brooklyn, New York). Target the Top Search Ranking for your type of business and service, in your geographical market.

The goal is to rank higher for key search terms in both local and organic search results to receive more qualified traffic to your site and leads to grow your online and/or offline customers and sales.

Yes, anyone can sit down if you have the time, search and claim your Google Map Local Business Listing and other online business listings or set up a profile or multiple profiles online.

However, the implementations are usually botched from an SEO standpoint because either you, as the business owner or your partner or someone you assigned the job to do it didn’t know what they were doing to optimize the listing and make the content search-friendly.

When people are searching for your business, what are they looking for?

We specialize in organic SEO and Local map placement. We will create a targeted list of descriptive relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

It is our goal to rank for terms that bring potential customer conversions for your business. We drive focused, relevant traffic to anything you want-- your website, your blog, your business phone or walk ins to your place of business.

In order to to generate leads and increase your SALES you need to be visible on the worldwide Web--ABOVE your competitors, so that you capture the the searchers click!

We will increase your company visibility and bring more customers to your door.

SIMPLE! Hire It Out. Let our Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services represent YOU online and look out for YOUR BEST INTERESTS!

"Here's what to do next..."

CALL 347-404-6850 NOW!

This will be one of the most importatant calls you will make this year for your online marketing. In fact, if you are going to take action today, then it's going to save you alot of wasted time, effort and money. It'll Be Worth It.

Question: Can You Afford The Service?

The 'Ultimate Question Is' Can You Afford NOT To?

There is a one-time setup fee. Sometimes we have promotional offers or specials, where the setup fee may be reduced. But generally, there is a one-time setup fee. There is a monthly charge for the service. So in most cases, your first month’s cost is the set up fee, and every month thereafter is the service fee.

You have to sign a contract and make a 90 day/6months or a one year written commitment. If there’s anything else we can tell you about our services or the way we do business,just call

Brought to YOU by

Hire It Out Services Of New York City

CALL #347-404-6850




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Thank You.

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Hire It Out: Are You Listed On Google Maps?

Are You Listed On Google Maps?

People are Searching for what you're selling. Will They Find YOU?

Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online.

If your clients search on Google for your services do they find you?

Maximize the exposure of your business listing on the Internet and the search engines with Google Maps Local Search.

Hire It Out Offers A Google Map Local Business Listing Service. We Can List Or Claim YOUR Business For YOU. We are specialist in listing businesses on Google Local Map Business Listings in New York. Our goal is to help position you online for long-term success!

Hire It Out G Map Local Business Listing Services includes:

* Copywriting A Creative Descriptive Listing for your business.

* Optimize Your Business Listing in Google With Your Main Keywords.

* Update and make efforts to get, keep and hold a top business listing ranking.

Your Google Local Map Local Business Listing is applicable only in your local city.



Go to Google and type in:

brooklyn best french pastry


Real Life Examples Of Hire It Out Web 2.0 Local Google Maps Listing Results La Table Exquiste Results #25 of about 4,337
New York French Bakery or French Bakery near New York, NY

La Table Exquise Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Google Maps Geo Targeting - Neighborhood

1. Bed-Stuy French Bakery Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Maps Geo Targeting - Borrough

2. Brooklyn French Bakery Google Local Maps Listing A - Listed #1

Local Google Maps Geo Targeting - Neighborhood + Borough

3. Bed-Stuy Brooklyn French Bakery

We Can Do Out Of New York State Google Maps Local Business Listings, TOO!

Check Out Scent 4 U Alabama Local Google Business Result Listing

Scents 4 U Alabama Listing RANK #1

Copy, Paste and Enter the following keywords on the Scents 4 U Alabama Listing Page

1. Natural Organic Soaps (Plural) - #1 Out Of 36 Result Listings

2. Natural Organic Soap (Singular) - #1 Out Of 32 Result Listings

3. 100% Organic Soaps - #1 Out Of 36 Result Listings

4. 100% Natural Soaps (Plural)- #1 Out Of 111 Result Listings

5. Specialty Soaps - #1 Out of 84 Listings

If you are a Local Business and if you are NOT Listed On Google Maps...

If they find you, do they call you?

When they call you, has your web site or blog educated and pre-sold your service?

If your business is local I can implement an online strategy that will bring in new local business and out perform your competition. The process starts out by analyzing your business and target market, reviewing your website, blog and current online advertising and marketing strategy.

How does it work?

When people search one of your keywords, your business listing appears in Google Maps and the local search results on top of the first page of Google or Yahoo. People simply click your listing to learn more about you and the services you offer. You are advertising to an audience that is already interested.

Advertise Your Business Today. Let us help you business show up in search results.

GET Listed On Google Maps And Local Search.

CALL #347-404-6850 for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

Sign up today for your business listing to be promoted and optimized on Google.

Optimizing your business profile makes all the difference in enabling potential customers to find you and to select you from the pack of competitors on Google.

We will create a listing of your business that will include: your business name, services, address, website, phone number, hours of operation, reviews, a map to your address etc.

Google Analytics (the best free analytics tool available) is implemented to track visitor clicks (among other things). This allows you to see exactly how many people come directly to your site from your Google Map listing or get driving directions to your business.

"Here's what to do next..."

CALL #347-404-6850 for a FREE 30 minute consultation.

One last thing...

We are NOT Afiliated with Google. We are an independent business listing service. This is an online business listing service offering. You are hiring me to perform a service for your business. You pay for contracted services performed.

There is no guarantee you will get a top 3/7 or 10 pack Google listing and/or rank listing or top page local results listing. Therefore, there is no guarantee except my promise to perform the service as stated to the best of my abilty.

If you are visiting Hire It Out Services and this page for the first time we advise that you bookmark this page right now to your favorites.

Are You Listed On Google Maps?
Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services #347-404-6850
Please Note: I do not provide services to adult sites, get rich sites, poker, casino or illegal drugs sites.


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Hire It Out: Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II


Personal Testimonial in our client's own words, emotional, life-changing! And GENUINE!

Client References

Some of our Hire It Out Web 2.0 Service clients we can share, others we can provide only as referrals prior to engagement. Most of our clients we provide monitoring for remain confidential.

Just Loc's agreed to allow us to share her Web 2.0 blog success story with others.

I often use our client Just Loc's to make the blogging benefits concrete and understandable to readers and prospective customers. I am sure you are asking yourself "Can this work for me?"

The key question I hear from potential Web 2.0 Social Media customers is will these Web 2.0 platforms work for me and my business or service?

You are not alone. This is the initial question that our Just's Loc's client asked on our initial face to face consultation. She wanted to change her advertising from an ad in the local community paper to online marketing. Our Just Loc's client initial concern was "How will a blog help my business?" And "Can you guarantee me customers?"

No we can not guarantee you customers no more than the community paper ad. No advertiserment can guarantee you customers. The local and community papers offer you the potential of people seeing your ad and needing or finding your services in print.

What we do at Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services-- we consider seo and we can offer you an optimized blog and blog promotion with the potential of interested prospective people looking for your services on Google and finding your business in the local search results, Google Maps and more.

We can get you Google indexed in days (7 to 10 days) vs. a month or more with a traditional website. We identified the #1 one key to Just Loc's online blog success would be the creation of REAL testimonials from her 14+ year client base and online reviews from new web clients.

Hire It Out Services Challenge

The situation we at Hire It Out Services was presented, included Just Loc's online expectations and our Just Loc's client's new online customer’s goals or quest – with the complication of being limited to only using certain specified keywords by Just Loc's, including the obstacles of certain natural hair care services at the time that were not and are not offered today.


• Attract new customers
• Compete with existing businesses
• Reduce marketing costs
• Create Web presence easily

We were challenged to meet our client Just Loc's expectations and the salon new customer goals – and find the resolution on how our services could help Just Loc's online marketing and how we could overcome limiting the keywords - working with the internal obstacles and still achieve the client's goals and a positive outcome.

We worked with our Just Loc's client to get a better understanding of her business. We asked for her to keep a new call log to show how many of her loc hair salon calls was coming from the internet, we accessed her salon appointment records to better understand the increase of monthly blog visitors, inquiry calls and what was driving blog visitors to call Just Loc's and inquire about the salon services.

We discussed inquiry calls, customer concerns, monitor online metric results and more to tweak the blog, make coupon promotion offers and drive strategic directions.

Client Responsibility:

Track New Customers (Tracking Sheet – List daily inquiring emails, daily inquiring calls, deposit payments sent, daily scheduled appts. etc.)

* Start asking where did you hear about us?

* Incentive Offers (Online Coupon 50%)

* Ask Customer For Website Testimonials and Web Reviews. Personal testimonies are very important to your company, and they definitely provide visitors with great feedback. (This Just Loc's Testimonial Page is a work in progress).

Internet users will make purchases and buy services based on social proof and social networks referrals and the recommendations of others.


#1-- Google maps local search - Local search seems to be ignored by many people in their on-line promotion. Submitted Just Loc's Salon business to Yahoo! Local and Google Local.

Request and/or Claim Google Local Listing. Optimize Google Coupon – Offer Significant Discount-- A Hot Discount! (Print and Mobile Phone).

Mobile devices playing an important role for local searches.

Comprehensive submissions to Yahoo, Bing, AOL and specific top online local directories for listing. Submit links to industry related authorities (like trade organizations, niche publications, niche blogs, and niche directories).

Divert Traffic from one location (point A) to another (point B)- Copywriting Skills.

Step 2: Convert the diverted traffic from Step 1 into Profit - Copywriting Skills and having a System - structure.

In a nutshell if you want to make any money online you better have an optimized site and a plan to divert traffic from the search engines, directories, blogs and the social networks to your site.

'Capture The Eyeballs - Get The Click' to your site. Otherwise your site will get lost in a sea of competitors. Your copy must convert and motivate your visitors to taking action.... sign up for your list, newsletter, free report or to pick up the phone and call your number.

#2-- Three of the hottest topics in Internet marketing – photo images, video marketing and social networking. Photos images and video work for Just Loc's and will work for you, too.

-----Insider Tip SIDEBAR-----

Put your blog's promos photo images up and or video this week and drive targeted traffic and massive sales for business!

We create a Just Loc's Promo Video on Dec 27th 2009. We also created an optimized Just Loc's a YouTube account. Uploaded the video.

Step #3 Monitor Site Visitors

* Know exactly where traffic comes from.

* View how visitors have discovered your site.

* Visits are grouped by the referral source.

* Each source displays number of total visits.

* Expanded view displays clickable urls and keywords.

* View detailed break down of your site visits organized by time and source.

Use Google Analytics or a Site Meter.

-----Insider Tip SIDEBAR-----

Alternative Ways To Monetize Just Loc's Blog Beside Adsense

Be An Online Resource And Recommend The Best Loc Products (Affiliate Promotion).

Sign Up to be an Affiliate and receive referral fees.

Affiliate Marketing For Small Businesses

It's a simple case of...

1. Find a product that compliments your site to promote - it's free to do this, and you simply need to copy and paste a link to refer your site's visitors.

2. YOU promote the link that is relevant to your niche in any one of a thousand ways

3. A potential customer sees your promotion, follows your link to the product...and buys the product. You get paid your affiliate commission, receive your check, and take your slice of the $6.5 billion pie. It has been say Opray Winfrey is The #1 Affiliate Seller in the world.

But there is a problem: It's easy to sign up as affiliate. And it's easy to put up a simple website or blog to allow people to apply for the credit card which earns you an affiliate commission. But, you will probably hit a brick wall when you try to divert traffic to your new site. You see, the Credit Card market is extremely competitive.

YOU have to figure out a winning combination to make money.

We concentrated on promoting just 3 products on the blog until they started selling.

Because The Blog is reaceiving daily visitors from the search engines we can charge advertisers a monthly link fee to advertise or an online promotion fee. Top of the page - Top Dollar $$$ Prime Virtual Real Estate. Middle Page $$, Bottom of the page $ (offer a special) lower cost.

Over several months working with us the Just Loc's owner had several insightful revelations on how she could improve her business.

We answered and monitors her calls for one week Starting Dec. 11th 2009 to Dec. 21st 2009. Just Loc's Results: Getting More Web Traffic. Expand the business net reach from our quality directory submission work.

I felt confident at the time looking at the challenge of having a blog bring in new Just Loc's hair salon customers and I feel confident now we can help you.

Will YOU be our next success story?

If you have a dedicated advertising budget or the budget to be serious about your business Online Marketing, then Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services can help you increase your business revenue. We can help you generate more leads in a way that's more cost-effective than print, tv or radio.

Not only can you get immediate results through Internet advertising and marketing, but you can simultaneously build a longterm solution, giving you stability down the road to generate leads organically through search and social networking.

CALL 347-240-3713 for a 30 minute FREE phone consultation.

I have a special report for you...

Get the Cornegy Special Report. HOWEVER - It IS expensive. I'm not going to deny that it's not within everyones budget... (unfortunately).

It’s normally $500 with a private consultation – you can have it for $297. It’s absolutely critical for you. I’m going to share resources and tell you secrets that have took me years to discover and years to figure out, but once I tell you they’re going to be so simple you’re going to say how come I didn’t get it all the time?

I’m handing over my blueprint for you to use! I’m going to tell you exactly what to do step by step. I’m going to show you how I really set up an online campaign to dominate the big G. There’s no wadding through information to figure out what works right. There’s no second guessing yourself. This report can make the difference for you and your business. But you MUST HAVE a suitable budget to get the job done right and effectively.

This is THE BlogMaster Blogging System. All you have to do is duplicate the system. This system works-plain and simple.

What are YOU waiting for?

Get it now for a ridiculously low price of $297.

WARNING: This is a time-sensitive offer. It will only be available for a limited time only, so don't wait, or you'll miss out!

CALL 347-2403713 to get your copy and private consultation.
About the author: Von Doane has specialized in Web 2.0 marketing for the past 5 years and has produced this free "Just Loc's Case Study" that exposes the best authority blog to use and an unique blog strategy to generate leads to sell your business services. Don't be caught out. Get you FREE 30 minute Web 2.0 blog consultation now. Simple CALL 347-240-3713. You have full permission to reprint this article provided this box is kept unchanged.

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part I

Just Loc's Case Study Success Story Part II

Brought to YOU by Hire It Out Services #347-240-3713


Please leave your comments below.

Was this Just Loc's Case Study information helpful?

Easy to understand?

Complete with enough details?

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hire It Out: Just Loc's Blog Case Study Success Story

Just Loc's Blog Case Study Success Story Part I


Hire It Out Web 2.0 Services Helping local businesses get customers from the web...


If you would like a FREE 30 minute Web 2.0 phone consultation and more information on my Hire It Out Web 2.0 Consultation Services and customized Web 2.0 service packages or have questions Simply CALL 347-240-3713.

I make small businesses findable when local customers search for your product or service online. I am proud to promote THE BEST, Web 2.0 changes lives.

Web 2.0 truly enables online success.

"For The First Time... I'll Reveal One Of Hire It Out Web 2.0 Case Studies"...

Just Loc's is a very exciting Case Study Success Story.

I was inspired to share the Just Loc's results with you. Just Loc's came from zero web presence prior to June 2009 and total obscurity, by the way, to page #1 Google results within one week. I am giving you the steps and what I did that is working for Just Loc's and has worked for others. This is priceless online marketing information.

Just Loc's agreed to allow us to share her Web 2.0 success story with you and others.

Just Loc's Long-term In Depth Case Study is Powerful!

I find a case study often times is more helpful and insightful than reading a tutorial or guide.

I offered our Just Loc's client a one-on-one personal and professional 90 minute consultation to kick start Just Loc's online marketing goals to get the company name and salon services out on the world wide web. Just Loc's owner chosed her business gmail account name, selected her blog's template and signature color.


Action Steps...

I created an optimized gmail profile for the owner.

I created an optimized blog profile of the owner. Client has recieved 900 visitors on her blog profile between June - November 2009. Client recieved a total of 1,700 profile visitors between November 2009 And March 2010 And Growing!

View Just Loc's Blog Profile Stats.

Goal: Get New Just Loc's Natural Hair Salon Customers

Objectives: Define Just Loc's Natural Hair Salon Niche Customers

Targeted market is people wanting to start and maintain natural loc hair.

Strategy Execution

I created an optimized Blogger Blog. Having the targeted keyword phrase in the domain name is important. When set up correctly and optimized the Blogger Blog will give you the online performance you want. You can count on it to get indexed quickly and good search engine ranking. A Blogger Blog is great for beginning bloggers and people who are non technical. It's FREE. No cost. No Hosting or Domain Name Fees.

Option for the business owner to continue the management of the blog (in house) in 4 to 6 months from set up and to change the URL over to a dot com (requires domain name and hosting fees) or latter to roll the content over to a WordPress Blog when her blogging skills increase or to continue our services.

Specific Action Steps

Step 1. Keyword Research

A good starting point for your keyword research is the Google Adwords Keywords Tool.

It is essential to understand the importance of finding “targeted keywords” that lead to "targeted traffic" and conversions-- new customers.

Once you have discovered the keywords of your choice - (Initial 10 Keywords Needed), you need to build your blog content (videos or bookmarks) around your pre-selected keywords and include them in your titles, descriptions and tags.

Tags (user generated keywords) are important for getting found on all the Social sites, go to Technorati or Del.icio.us to do your research.

Step 2. Competitive Keywords Anaylsis

Step 3. Plan YOUR Blog's Topics

Plan the topics for your blog's content and your landing pages.

Dose your topics answer questions or solve problems for your consumers?

Dose your topics “warm up” your prospects for your sales messages?

Have you done sufficient research to write on your topic?

Are you clear what keywords/keyphrases you are targeting?

Have you got a title that will attract eyeballs-- get attention?

Step 3. Write Blog Post Drafts

Blog started (June 2009)-- strategy publish 2 optimized blog post per month with the option of my client taking over the administration and writing for the blog in 4 to 6 months.

Step 4. Generate Blog Traffic

I have an immediate action plan to get traffic, inquires, leads and sales starting the very first day, and intermediate action traffic plan, and a long-term action plan for sustained traffic to the site.

Just Loc's Blog Traffic Stats

Step 5. Traffic Plan

* Immediate Action Traffic Plan - Optimized Online Ad Campaign (Create Ads - Initial 10 Creatives, Publish Ads, Re-Publish Ads, Tests Ads, Tweak Ads).

After your ad is confirmed, you can use the emailed link given to:

View your ad
Edit your ad
Delete your ad
Repost your ad

* Intermediate Action Traffic Plan - Search Engine Targeted Keyword Traffic.

Submitted new Just Loc's Blog to The Top 'SEO Friendly Directories'.

Hire It Out Manual Directory Submission Service

Hire It Out offers a premium manual directory submission service to those who don't have the time, knowledge or experience to submit their sites to website and/or blog directories and want to get the best out of their submissions.

We know the top 'SEO Friendly Directories' and Top Blog Catalogue Sites and how to ensure that your site will be accepted by submitting correctly, efficiently and accurately to the seo friendly directories available on our list.

All sites are submitted, by hand, one-by-one to each directory. Under no circumstances do we ever use automated submission software

Directory Listing

Directories are a great resource for marketing your site to a variety of users. Traffic may come from the directory itself, or can come in the form of residual traffic from the search engines that crawl and collect data from top directories like examples:

Free Top Web Directories

Kickstart your backlinks (incoming links to your blog)...

The following will list your site link, for free, and leave your link to be spidered as a backlink by search engines.

1. submit site - Jayde - http://www.jayde.com/

Update Your Jayde Listing - http://edit.jayde.com/edit.php

Use Jayde's service tool to keep your site information up-to-date.

2. submit site - http://www.mavicanet.com/

3. submit site - http://www.worldwidewub.org/wub/links

4. submit site - http://www.turnpike.net/directory.phtml

5. submit site - http://www.eliteweb.cc/submission/

6. submit site - http://www.amray.com/

7. submit site - http://sporge.com/ and to other directories

The reason that the a link in Sporge.com can be so important is that directories are respected by search engines and each topic is themed around an individual subject. Having your site linked in to such a themed manner can add weight to a search engine viewing your site as an "expert" in the subject your site is about which can result in higher ratings in the search engines.

Also, research organizations know the value of using human edited directories as a resource because of the accuracy in results. If you have a Web site or Blog, be sure to add your site to Sporge.com directories.

Most quality directories want to maintain a clean directory, each site or blog submitted is verified for compliance of the rules and for approval take time. For an expedited approval, many directories are now charging a modestly fee $5 to $15 some are charging $50 fees or higher. The priced in some directories offers a featured link. A featured link will keep you on the main page of your selected category, and most category pages carry good PR.

1. Title:

Add the correct business title and relevant anchor text like this

Full Business Title: relevant anchor text
Just Loc’s: starting and maintaining locs

2. Description: Tell about your business or service.

Do not include:

Promotional hype
Phone numbers

Any form punctuation or special markings other then a period or comma.
Do not end your description with (and more), (etc), (…) or any form of continuation.
Never repeat the title in the description.

3. Keywords: add relevant keywords about your website. Do not separate with a comma.

4. URL: full and complete URL including the http:// and www.

* Long Term Action Traffic Plan - Optimized Photo Images, Video And New Social Media Channels.

I created a very simple blog that is user friendly, very easy to navigate and read. Monitoring the blog using site meter we notice the visual appeal of the Just Loc's hair styles photos in October 2009 really made a difference in increasing the blog's site traffic. Many of the photo images were indexed by Google and downloaded by site visitors.

The Just Loc's Blog's goal is to generate new qualified salon business leads. 2009 has been extremely busy for Our Just Loc's client. And with the launch of our client's Just Loc's Blog, Just Loc's is growing new business to the salon via the Internet, 2010 is bound to get even more exciting...

Visit Just Loc's Blog: http://just-locs-by-marceline.blogspot.com/

What actually drives traffic to Just Loc's and leads to the salon door?

The optimized content and pre-selected keywords speaks to the search engines, which direct interested searching - targeted visitors to the Just Loc's Blog.

The Just Loc's Blog provides solid, valuable, helpful content - AND prospective customers see Just Loc's name all over the web. Searchers read about Just Loc's whichever way they turn, they come across the name Just Loc's for starting loc's, grooming loc's, maintaining locs, repairing locs and hair styling locs. Pretty soon it becomes obvious who is the leader, the expert, the authority on this particular topic. Visitors come to the site already pre-sold on Just Loc's.

Since the blog's launch, the inquiry phone calls, scheduled consultation appts. and new customers keep rolling in. It's all in the Just Loc's Blog's PRE-selling! The blog PRE-sells and generates valuable phone leads. The blog's targeted visitors are encouraged to take action and call the listed Just Loc's telephone number. Incentive coupons and online promotionals offers are offered to prospective customers.


Everyone would much rather buy from a real person, and even better, from a friend. That's just human nature. Just Loc's in Brooklyn, New York is your hair locking friend.

The point is...

Pre-selling is the process of building a relationship with visitors, which essentially means treating visitors like human beings instead of sales targets. People visit Just Loc's Blog looking for a loctician in Brooklyn, to start locs, groom locs, grooming tips to improve their loc's and loc hairstyles, so that's what the Just Loc's Blog focuses on providing visitors great information. This builds maximum credibility and TRUST.

Why? Because the Just Loc's Blog has a true desire to serve visitors/customers and is able to create credibility for the owner AND the salon!

The Just Loc's Blog's text or copy is open and honest, in the quest of getting new customers. The Just Loc's Blog's includes testimonials from those who have experience with the salon services, so their testimonials and shared stories become part of the the Just Loc's Story.

The call to action, conversion and final monetization step occurs when people pick up their phone to make an inquiry call for a consultation, a loc or grooming appt. or click on the related affiliated products that happens to be of interest to them on the blog.

The blog was Google indexed in 7 days. It appeared #1 on Google for our pre-selected keywords the day it was indexed. The authority of a Blogger Blog plays a very large part in how well your site is going to rank, do you see trust and authority in a Blogger Blog especially since it is owned by Google?

I believe in doing what works. My Just Loc's client has been receiving "targeted traffic" within 9 days of the blog being published (June 2009) and 5 to 7 new paying customers a month consistently, repeated business and referrals.

Now, the Just Loc's Blog does not get thousands and thousands of daily or weekly hits to the blog. But, it doesn't need to. Because the blog is optimized it can convert a higher percentage of the searchers into customers and to profits.

People who type in the keyword phrase "affordable loctician in Brooklyn" are looking for something very specific. They're looking for a professional loctician that has a low rate. And because they're looking for something or someone very specific they're much more likely to sign up for a coupon discount offer that matches what they're searching for instead of just a generic offer.

Just Loc's client's goal is to get 20 new customers per week or 80 new repeat business customers monthly from the web. By December 2009 Just Loc's started to receive 5 confirmed salon loc hair appointments per week from the web. This is 20 new customers per month. And it is growing.

Blog Content Evaluation. We monitored the traffic reports. Especially, evaluating the blog posts to inquiry calls. The site meter gives a clear plan of what's working,
what's not and what to do - tweak.

Blogging Strategy

In order to increase site traffic you have to be consistent with your blog post entries. The rule of thumb to start is 30 blog posts within 30 days (a blog post daily for 30 days) and 3 blog posts per week thereafter (12 blog post per month). However, our client did not have the blogging or online copywriting skills and did not want to pay an additional service fee for content management.

When we started the blog our strategy was to be sure to have a blog entry at least 1 or 2 times every ten to 14 days equal 2 to 3 blog posts per month-- 2 minimum with photos and video content.

Initially, I set up N.Y. Craigslist and BackPage Accounts. Copywrote creative ads to drive traffic to the Just Loc's blog site.

Just Loc's has several pages of Google #1 ranked result pages for the keyword Just Loc's.

You Can Google the following Keywords for proof:

Brooklyn N Y Hair Locticians (Local Organic Search. Ultra targeted leads use relevant neighborhood related or zip code related terms.)

Brooklyn Dreads (Local Organic Search - Dreadlocks)

Salon for Dreadlocks in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Locs Hair Westchester, N Y (G Maps - letter B)

Loc Hair Grooming Tips (Local Organic Search - Dreadlocks)

Loc Hair Care (Google Map Listing)

I listed Just Loc's in top rated online industry directories. Many online directories work as a lead generation service providing their clients with a profile page that can act as a separate web site in organic rankings. Just Loc's is listed on a number of industry related web sites.

Just Loc's is listed on Google Maps (3 pack listing) and Google Local Search. Just Loc's is also listed in the top online directories (Yahoo, MSN/Bing, AOL etc). Some listing submissions happen immediately, some within hours, some days and other weeks (8 weeks - 2 months).

Guidelines for Your Business Description:

Business description should be at least 100 characters, but less than 200 characters.

DO NOT place cities, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, or any other contact information in the description.

Description should be about the businesses services, not how long the business has been operating or anything about the employees.

No abusive, offensive, or vulgar language can be placed in the descriptions.

All business descriptions are usually subject to review and are not guaranteed to be posted. The site you are submitting your listing to reserves the right to edit or modify any business description at their discretion.

Please see examples of acceptable business descriptions.

I also recommend that you use some of the keywords for your services from your pre-selected researched keyword list. This will help in the optimization process.


The Just Loc's niche is locking ALL types of hair. However, the niche is very narrow because Just Loc's is a natural hair care salon that doesn't do hair braiding, hair extensions, sisterlocks another form of locking and in the beginning of our promoting the salon owner didn't like for me to use the term dreadlocks (#1 keyword).

Visit Just Loc's Blog: http://just-locs-by-marceline.blogspot.com/

We monitor the blog with site meter:

Learn from which geographic regions the Just Loc's visitors are coming.
Learn which search engines users employ to find Just Loc's.
Learn which keywords are performing, and which are not.
Learn which keywords users are employing to find the natural hair care salon.

If you go down to the bottom of the blog and click on the site meter you and click on site summary you will see she is averaging 2 hits an hour about 24 new blog visitors a day. Sometimes less. Site visitors must first click the link to visit and read the blog then be motivated by the copy to pick up the phone and call in order for the conversion to happen.

As the blog copywriter and administrator it is my job to get visitors to take action-- click the link to read the blog and to pick up the phone and dial the Just Loc's number. It's the Just Loc's owner job's to answer the phone, have an answering machine or better a LIVE person to answer calls, answer inquiry questions and set the salon appointments.

The more content-- blog content and comment content entered on the blog will equal more traffic! Increasing the amount of topical content will drive more search engine traffic to the site. The Hire It Out Content Management Service is essential for generating blog traffic. Click the site meter referrals link for the sites generating Just Loc's traffic.

Use social media to find people who will want and need your products and/or services.

I also created and started a Twitter Account for Just Loc's on Friday Nov. 13th 2009.

Just Loc's is using Twitter to make announcements, to connect and build relationships with other locticians world wide and to reach more people who are interested locking their hair who live or visit New York City.

I also created a Just Loc's Promo Video and a YouTube Channel on Sunday Dec. 27th 2009

Before the end of the year on Sunday Dec. 27th 2009 I created a 30 second Just Loc's Promo Video. I uploaded it to YouTube and it was optimized within 24 hours. Then I distributed it to other top video sites.

Obviously this works. And I'm guessing you would like to get RESULTS like that too.

I hope you find the Just Loc's Blog Case Study information valuable enough to call me, but I'll that decision in your hands.

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